One Choice to Push Play on Life

Doubt is a learned behavior.

As infants, we trust that our parents will take care of our needs. We cry and demand results. Unfortunately, our parents are not angels. In big and small ways, they lose our trust. They miss our game. They break a promise. They don’t make rent. They abandon us physically, mentally or emotionally.

When we choose doubt, we become sick. We begin to believe that doubt is our reality, and our highly adaptable brains create very clever coping mechanisms.

#1 We set the bar lower.

The less we expect, the less likely we will be let down. The only time we  trust is when there is proof, which takes no trust at all. We don’t act on dreams or desires unless we have proof that we will succeed.

#2 We transfer our doubt mentality to other parts of our life.

Our brain loves generalizations. It allows us to catalog information more quickly.  If we can’t trust mom and dad, we probably can’t trust friends, teachers, bosses or boyfriends. The generalization effect (GE) causes us to anticipate disappointment everywhere, even if we have only been disappointed a few times. Doubt changes the way we relate to our world. It goes without saying that doubting life changes our life, and not in a good way. 

We feel dead when we lose trust because doubt literally pauses life.

Stop searching for reasons and trust. Even if you trust no one but yourself, trust. Even if you trust no one but God, trust. Even if you don’t trust anyone, pretend you trust and see how life responds.

Trust is a play button on life. Push it. 

What have you always wanted to do, but lacked the courage, the reason, or the support to take action on it? I challenge you to take one step toward it today. Loving yourself enough to give yourself what you truly desire is the best reason you can have. Thats what trust is anyway, right? An act of love toward yourself and others. Love yourself. Trust yourself. Take action on behalf of the self you were made to be.

Are your challenges stifling you? Use this resource to target and shift the root of your doubt.

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