How a See-Saw Teaches Us to Heal

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One day, our kids will think we are bipolar. #notpc #iknow


They will find our journals. They will cry with us when we lose our job on page 7. They will laugh with us when they read the letter wedged into page 8. They will be angry when we are audited on page 9. They will leak happy tears after our men say ‘I love you’ for the first time.

They will see-saw back and forth with our train of thoughts, because like us, they are a bit bipolar themselves.

We are not meant to be see-saws, jerked up and down by the weight in front of us. We are meant to assess the weight, and then muster the strength to stay balanced.

Our culture teaches us that weight brings us down. It is just not true. Weight, when we learn to balance it, pushes us upward. Look at any sad page of a journal. Job loss teaches us about true worth despite the lack of paycheck. Heartbreak teaches us about the capacity to love ourselves despite rejection. Like a seesaw, weight pushes us upward.

If you are reading this, you are probably type A when it comes to inner growth. Good! Then you have most likely journaled about the question I need help answering!

What is the weight that has turned your life into a see-saw? In other words, what challenge has become a pattern in your career, relationship or emotional state?

Leave your answer below, or message me personally. I am creating a pool of resources to keep us centered in the midst of our most common challenges. The more thought you give to your reply, the more thorough the pool of EFT tapping scripts, videos and meditations I can provide.

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Once you do, I have a dare: I dare you to get off of your see-saw, and find a ladder. If see-saws show you the possibility of rising upward despite heaviness, a ladder lets you actually climb toward your light.

Cheers to playground analogies,

Jackie Viramontez

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