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We believe that obstacles don't need to steal our peace, doubt doesn't need to make us settle, and fear doesn't need to sabotage our future.

About Jackie


Hi! I use heart-centered coaching and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping) to empower women to heal their relationship with themselves and others. We take a holistic and spirit-centered approach to healing symptoms of anxiety, heartache, grief, and trauma. I work with clients over the phone, Skype or in my office in the Los Angeles' Downtown Arts District

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You Are Not Responsible for Everyone All of The Time

You Are Not Responsible for Everyone All of The Time

Aug 21, 2017 | No Comments

I was stressing out last weekend because I had overcommitted. I had promised my time to three people and now crunch called for two phone calls. Am I letting them down? Will I disappoint them? Will their feelings be hurt? Will they be alone on a Saturday because of me? Will they label me just another […]

3 Simple and Scientific Steps to Reduce Anxiety

3 Simple and Scientific Steps to Reduce Anxiety

Aug 15, 2017 | No Comments

Six years ago I was considering taking anti-anxiety meds. As you learned in last week’s post, I danced the anxiety dance for almost two decades. By the end of 2010, I bit the bullet. Two pills a day and the constant hum of worry was replaced with numbness and a low degree of self-hatred. I […]

How Do I Defeat Loneliness?

How Do I Defeat Loneliness?

Aug 8, 2017 | No Comments

Today I teamed up with The Refined Woman in a series called Just Breathe. Be sure to check out the other ladies apart of this collective on Instagram today–as well as the articles on their blogs: Corie Clark, Kat Harris, Julien Garman, Tutti del Monte, Nikia Phoenix, Brynn Watkins, Jessica Chow, Tonhya Wysong, Joanne Encarnacion Up until I was 20, […]

What Clients are Saying...

  • Testimonial

    I am beyond thankful for Jackie. I booked 3 sessions with her and not going to lie, was very skeptical of the process. Every session I had with her, I left feeling empowered and more in control, all while she was able to tap into some deeper issues. Aside from the incredible results, Jackie is an incredibly sweet, relatable, and inspiring person. She was super empathic and really knows how to gauge her clients. She knows when to push, when to pull back and when to really pursue topics that I would have never considered problematic before. To top it off, her therapeutic environment is gorgeous and relaxing.

    - Lindsey | Canada | Film Industry

  • Testimonial

    Thank you so incredibly much for making me feel so safe and comfortable and helping me do away with baggage I’ve carried for too long. No words can emphasize my gratitude!

    - Anonymous | Los Angeles | Psychologist

  • Testimonial

    Brilliant! Relationships whether pre or post marriage are all about what we learned earlier in life. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is the tool to undo all those hard-wired, neurochemical lessons, allowing us to move forward to become who God wants us to be and to find that soul-mate God has waiting for us.

    - Sherrie Rice Smith | Wisconsin | EFT Trainer & Author

  • Testimonial

    I don’t know what I would do without Jackie!  In my first session, I thought it was unrealistic to quit my well paying job to pursue my dreams and start my own business. One year later, I am managing fundraising campaigns, events, a growing team of board members, interns, and hundreds of partners. Every session has unexpected residual effects on other aspects of my life that I did not specifically work on. In the day or two following sessions, I have “random inspirations” to solve problems or increase profits that appear to come from nowhere. I think everyone who is committed to living a better life doing what they love without anxiety needs to use EFT. I highly recommend Jackie. She is efficient with your time and you can tell she really cares about you and never judges anything (even if you feel like you deserve to be judged).

    - Lauren | Iowa | Non Profit Founder

  • Testimonial

    The day I went I was struggling with a particular challenge, and by the end of the week, the situation in consideration had been resolved. Not only had it been resolved, but I was able to walk away from my situation with self-confidence and joy, and I believe it was because I had worked through the confusion in my head with Jackie and gotten to the essence – to the truth of the situation.

    - Allison | Los Angeles | Actress & Yogi

  • Testimonial

    What a gem. Jackie is insightful, professional, and very thorough. After just two days results were noticeable and the “load” became more manageable. She was very flexibility in scheduling and the comfortable sessions proved to be priceless. Her follow up was clearly laid out with a helpful road map that communicated both her commitment to my goals and her professionalism. Highly recommended.

    - Ry | Los Angeles | Director

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