9 Ways Energy Therapy Changed My Life

When I was five years old my brother died. I watched it happen. If you know anything about trauma, you can probably guess: the incident had side effects. I quickly developed severe anxiety and a few years later, OCD.

Many people I know now would have advised me and my parents: “Just ask God for help and he will heal you.”

I guarantee that if I had been 100 lbs overweight people would not have said, “Just pray more.” They would have told me about their barre class, Paleo diet, or favorite health coach. They would have understood that thinking happy thoughts is not always enough.

I’m surprised by culture’s tendency to respond to mental and emotional issues with quips like, “Choose joy,” “Think happy thoughts,” “Give it to God.” Personally, when I give something to God, he answers via people, insights, new tools, and even technology that he wants me to use.

On my sixth birthday, I made a wish: “Please just help me feel content.” The prayer was answered in the form of my awesome mom and the meditation, yoga, and energy therapies introduced to her by some cutting-edge doctors. Thank god (literally) she passed these tools on to me.

These energy-therapy-based tools impacted me in nine significant ways:*

1. Anxiousness: I used to ask my parents, “What is it like to not feel anxious?” I NEVER thought I would know the answer. Without energy therapy, I truly believe I would still be asking this question.

2. OCD’s side effects: I am not making a cheeky comment about how I keep my desk organized. Oh no, I was that strange kid in class who clicked her pencil 50 times against the desk. I took 15 minutes to wash my face. I repeated the same words twenty times before it “felt right.” Clinical EFT (aka “tapping”) finally kicked this pesky trauma side effect to the curb.

The first time I took a blood test the doctor had a look you hope no doctor ever gives you and asked, “Are you suicidal?” Not the most tactful way to ask, “How are you?” but it was a turning point. I had lived so long with basically no endorphins or happy hormones that depression felt normal.

3. Depressed thinking: Thinking happy thoughts and “choosing joy” sound great, but God gave us more efficient tools to heal our overwhelmed minds. I am able to choose joy now because the beliefs that trapped me in the past no longer have a hold on me thanks to the same resources I now share with others.

4. Fears: Public speaking, authority figures, large crowds, driving on highways, being abandoned, you name it. I was in a panic. I am still shocked to say that I actually enjoy being in front of groups, anticipate cocktail parties full of strangers, and find a level of zen driving the 5N up to San Francisco.

energy therapy changed my life

5. Acne: When I tuned in to how I felt about my not-so-photogenic skin, it was not embarrassment or disgust, it was rage. When the roots of this rage healed, my skin healed. Having seen this same phenomenon happen with my clients, I expect most physical symptoms have emotional roots we can heal.

6. Self Esteem/Body Image: Being a girl in the 21st century is difficult. Having an identical twin takes the culture of comparison and objectification to another level. Today, I interact with my body like the dang temple that it is because I took time to release the repressing beliefs that robbed me from respecting the body I was gifted. 

When you train yourself to look within to heal, instead of relying on distractions or meds, you discover a rich relationship with something sacred.

7. Migraine Headaches: Once a month for 8 years the brain-freeze-esque pain would creep into my skull, and nausea would have me delicately sipping Ginger Ale for five hours. Medication only made my adolescent brain feel like I was tripping. Energy meditation and more intense clearing modalities like Epigenetic Healing left me migraine-free since I was 17-years-old.

8. Trust Issues: Ever since I was cheated on (for the third time) I struggled to trust my husband. Every female coworker or late night text set a pit in my stomach. Through heavy prayer and the EFT that allowed me to process my doubts, I no longer project my past on him. We are designed to release baggage that does not deserve to follow us into the future, but culture doesn’t always prioritize making time to do so.

9. Spiritual Life: I truly believe we are made in the image of God, love, grace, peace etc. If you believe that too, then every physical, mental and emotional symptom is an invitation to heal what stands in the way of embodying this image.

The truth us that all physical, mental and emotional symptoms can become invitations to heal more fully and live more freely.

I don’t know where I would be if my birthday wish had not been answered. I don’t intend on finding out.

If you have insights or questions about Energy Therapy (Energy Psychology, EFT “tapping,” meditation, Reiki, yoga etc) just message me. Contact me for your first free consultation.

Much love you powerhouses you,

Jackie Viramontez

Certified EFT Practitioner and Reiki Master

Author of Amazon Bestseller I Can’t Believe I Dated Him


*Energy Therapies and EFT are not clinically proven to help anxiety, depression or other mental or physical diagnosis. In my personal experience they impacted the side effects greatly. 


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