Connect to Your True Self (aka Divine Humility)

Today is a very important day. My birthday: a day we get celebrated for doing absolutely nothing (cue shout out to my mom and her 26-hour labor). Birthdays are the perfect reminder to celebrate who we are by getting honest about who we are not.

To begin, ask yourself: In what ways do you strive because Y-O-U might not be enough? Have you adopted personality traits or “credentials” as a way to gain approval? Is there any aspect of yourself that you’ve dismissed due to work hours or others’ expectations?

This week’s mindfulness challenge is to practice the art of humility for at least 3 minutes. My favorite definition of humble is “to be no more and no less than who you are as  Y-O-U.” In other words, don’t puff up your chest and don’t stoop your shoulders. 

Humility challenges us to wipe off the metaphorical makeup, stop peacocking around, and honestly bring our weaknesses and strengths into every situation.

I’ll go first: I am creative, enthusiastic and empathetic and I am forgetful, impatient and controlling… and that’s okay. I was born February 26th, and I didn’t do a dang thing to make that happen. I am wildly special and wildly insignificant in the grand scheme of life and so are you. I recorded a special birthday meditation to remind us of this humbling reality. May it prompt you to celebrate your small and bigness today!

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Here is a sneak peak of the poem that is part of the meditation:

You used to be a speck
of vapor



to the sound of god vibration

along waves

of Worthy and Seen
to the humming

of Awe and Wisdom

all dancing a farewell

the day before vapor crystallized
born human and Vibrating

forgetful and Forgiven

dense clunky and dripping God Vapor

that is still dancing to the music

that never stopped

calling you home.

If you have a spirit junkie lady friend, forward this week’s mindfulness challenge to her. I love growing my digital women’s circle whenever I can.

May we heal fully, live freely and love boldly,
Jackie Viramontez

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