Five FAQ’s About Energy Therapy

Who can use energy therapy? Is it a religion?  Does it require psychic powers? People have asked me some crazy questions about energy therapy, so let me answer the five most FAQ’s I’ve received.

#1. Is energy therapy a spiritual practice?

No. People of different religions tend to be more open or closed to maintaining their energetic health because of cultural norms and practices (yoga, meditation, breathwork etc) but your energy system is not religiously affiliated.

#2. What the heck is an energy system?

Your energy system is one system of the body, on par with your nervous system, muscular and respiratory system. In middle school, you learned that your body is made of atoms. What is an atom? Electrons orbiting around a nucleus. How do electrons stay in place? A magnetic field.

With billions and billions of atoms in your body you are a walking talking universe of magnetic fields. Doctors literally refer to this system as your electromagnetic field.

They have even started tracking the magnetic field of each organ and found that your heart has the strongest magnetic field, spreading 20 feet outside your body! The next time someone says aura or energy system just think in doctor-speak: electromagnetic field.

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#3. What about chakras? What are they?

There are seven major nerve bundles that run along your spine. Doctors call each nerve bundle a plexus. The Sanskrit word for plexi is chakra, or spinning wheel of energy. As you now know from question #2, one nerve bundle or plexus is definitely spinning given all those orbiting electrons and atoms.

Has a  yoga teacher ever told you to engage your solar plexus? She is referring to the nerve bundle located at the back of your stomach.

#4. Who needs energy therapy? 

This is like asking a heart doctor, ” Do I need good cardiovascular health?” Every system of the body needs to be healthy for optimal health, so everyone benefits from energetic health. If you have any physical, mental or emotional issues then nurturing your energy will benefit you. Last week, I shared nine ways that energy therapy changed my life if you want specifics. 

Speaking from personal experience, external issues are most often symptoms of internal issues. Headaches are symptoms of stress.  Stomach issues are symptoms of worry. Overwhelm is a symptom of thinking you are responsible for everyone and everything.

Unlike a medical doctor who prescribes medication for the symptom, an energy therapist addresses lifestyle and attitude changes to support inner healing.


#5. What does a session look like?

I start by asking about a client’s physical, mental and emotional landscape. These issues are less important to me than the perspective a client has about each issue.

When you tune into the perspective you have about your problem, you uncover the life experiences that ingrained them. As you bring light to each experience, you become conscious of outdated mindsets, and let go of those that no longer serve you. With new perspectives, come new behaviors. With new behaviors comes healing.

Each session is a unique combination of guided meditation, breathwork, Emotional Freedom Techniques aka EFT tapping (reduces stress and stress-related thinking), Reiki (addresses blocks in your magnetic field/meridians) and Epigenetic Healing (addresses inherited family habits) which empowers clients to feel the way they want to feel.

As any therapist will tell you, we can’t choose what happens to us, but we can choose how we respond. Unfortunately, we might know how we should feel about our situation, but our brain and body don’t seem to be getting on board. This means that we have trauma (big or small) that is keeping us stuck in an outdated way of thinking or acting. We spend our session time releasing these attitudes and experiences from our physical body before we can feel better in our emotions.


What clients are saying… 

“It helps me know I’m not stuck with negative feelings. I’m not hopeless. This works!” 

“Erased fear for starting nonprofit, getting married, flying, and halted/prevented MANY imminent panic attacks 😉 ..I used the tools every single morning which eased anxiety and made me feel calm and confident (a miracle)… It completely changed my perspective on my fear so I could be assertive … and act out of confidence.”

“EFT helped me move through stuck emotional patterns in my body mind spirit” 

“I am beyond thankful for Jackie… not going to lie, was very skeptical of the process. Every session I had with her, I left feeling empowered and more in control, all while she was able to tap into some deeper issues. Aside from the incredible results, Jackie is an incredibly sweet, relatable, and inspiring person. She was super empathic and really knows how to gauge her clients. She knows when to push, when to pull back and when to really pursue topics that I would have never considered problematic before. To top it off, her therapeutic environment is gorgeous and relaxing.”

If you have insights or questions about Energy Therapy (Energy Psychology, EFT “tapping,” meditation, Reiki, yoga etc) just message me. To experience the real thing, contact me for your first free consultation.

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May we heal fully and live freely,

Jackie Viramontez

Certified EFT Practitioner and Reiki Master

Author of Amazon Bestseller I Can’t Believe I Dated Him


*Energy Therapies and EFT are not clinically proven to help anxiety, depression or other mental or physical diagnosis. In my personal experience they impacted the side effects greatly. 



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