How to Take a Should Detox

I forget the name of the movie, but the scene has stuck in my mind since I was a pre-teen. In the scene, a parental figure holds a dictionary in front of their eager-to-learn child. They ask this boy to flip to the word “can’t.” To the child’s naive surprise, “can’t” has been conveniently cut out of the dictionary.

The moral: “I can’t” is a bad word. But, I know an even dirtier phrase: “I should.”

foreshadow failure
before the game even begins

This week’s mindfulness challenge is to treat “should” like a dirty word. The next time you notice yourself saying “should,” replace it with “choose.”

– I should go workout vs. I choose to go workout.
– I should stop doubting myself vs. I choose to stop doubting myself.
– I should really stop stalking him on social media vs. I choose to stop stalking him on social media.

“I should” carries a different energy than “I choose,” an energy that you don’t have to perpetuate. Should is a dirty word with even dirtier side effects. Every time you say should, you plant seeds of self-doubt, shame, and indecision instead of seeds of confidence.

Last week I challenged you to expect miracles, but miracles come as a result of choices, not shoulds.

This week I am challenging you to make intentional and empowered choices that support the miracles you hope to see in your life. Since should makes you doubt yourself before you even try, cut it out of your vocabulary ASAP.

In my book (an Amazon #1 New Release!) I Can’t Believe I Dated Him, I devote an entire chapter to shame, which is the root cause of shoulding.  Read more about it here.

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Side note, I want to re-watch that movie one of these days, but I legitimately can’t remember the title.  If you know what movie I referred to please email me.

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May we heal fully, live freely and love boldly,
Jackie Viramontez

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