There’s Nothing I Can Do About Hurricane Irma

I’ve heard people saying, “There’s nothing I can do. The problem is too big. It will only get worse from here.”

I don’t agree.

In honor of 9/11 and the growing concerns about Hurricane Irma, I rebel against defeat. I gladly paused my scheduled blog to address a question that came in yesterday.

This week’s Q comes from a subscriber in NYC: “Sometimes I feel like the world’s problems are so big that there is nothing I can do. How am I supposed to respond to the world’s suffering from so far away?”

You move. Your movement doesn’t need to be with your feet, but with your heart.

When your heart grows to hold another person, you are impacting more people than any donation or delivery could impact. Internal steps are crucial because natural and man-made disasters stem from internal disaster.

Hurrican Irma? Is the devastation from fallen houses, or from the broken hearts that remain?

The refugee crisis? Does the suffering stem from missiles, or from the hearts that launch them?

Photos by Jake Viramontez

You might be far from the soil of suffering, but you are closer to the heart than you might think.

In today’s meditation, you discover that compassion is a choice, a tangible step that you can take to respond to the world’s pain. I usually send these videos to subscribers only, but the world needs our movement.

Move with me.

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May we heal full, live freely and love boldly,

Jackie Viramontez

Best Selling Author and Emotional Freedom Practitioner

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