Are You Waiting for Permission to Feel Enough?

Your Weekly Dose of Self-Care


Comparison, striving, proving, self-doubt, perfectionism, are all symptoms of thinking, “I am not enough.” Whether this belief was taught, modeled or inherited, today is the best day of the year to rewrite this internal script. If you are waiting for permission to feel enough, permission granted. Tomorrow is the Equinox which is nature’s literal permission slip for new beginnings!

To empower you, I’ve created three self-care rituals that will help you turn “I am not enough” into a laughable and irrelevant statement.

Have 1 minute?

Practice this week’s mindfulness challenge: Notice if the internal voice that says, “I am not enough” feels true. Whether it feels 100% or 10% true, ask yourself,  “What situations trigger this unsolicited voice?” Then, ask a juicier question: “Who does this voice sound like?” You might find that this internal narrative sounds more like your controlling mother or nitpicky sister than your own voice.  Once you can see this voice from an outside perspective, ask yourself: Do I agree?

You can’t always choose the voices in your head, but you can choose if you agree with them.

Have 5 minutes?

Release the heavy emotions attached to, “I am not enough” with my favorite self-care tool Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) aka Tapping. Follow along with this week’s script while tapping the seven stress-reducing pressure points, filling in the blanks with your own thoughts and feelings*:


Tap Side of the Hand: Even though I feel like I’m not enough when I think about this situation _______(name situation), because my inner perfectionist makes me feel like I could be doing more and should be doing more, I accept myself with this voice in my head x3
Eyebrow point: I don’t feel enough
Outer eye: When I think about _______ (name situation) 
Under eye: It’s hard to feel enough with this voice in my head  
Under nose: I feel like I should be doing more
Under lip: I feel like I should be better
Collarbone: I start comparing myself
Underarm/ribcage: Just thinking of this _______ (situation) 
Top of head: I don’t feel enough! I don’t believe I’m enough!


Once your negative emotions lighten up, follow along with a more positive tapping round.

Tap Side of the Hand: Even though I don’t feel that I am 100% enough, especially when I think of _______(name situation) I choose to believe I am enough and to act from a place of worthiness  x3

Eyebrow point: I still don’t feel 100% enough… yet
Outer eye: it’s hard to believe, especially in this situation  _______(name situation)
Under eye: there’s still a voice in my head that says, “You are not enough”
Under nose: but, I don’t want to agree with this voice anymore!
Under lip: I choose to feel enough in this situation _______(name situation)
Collarbone: I choose to believe I’m enough
Underarm/ribcage: I choose to see that I’m enough
Top of head: I choose to act from a place of enoughness

Enoughness might not be a word, but I’ve watched tapping elevate the “enoughness” percentage in my clients. How about you?  When you say the phrase, “I am not enough,” do the words ring true? Commit to using this script two more times this week, and watch how it changes your attitude and actions.

*What the heck is EFT Tapping? Watch the how-to video that aired on The Today Show.

Have 10 minutes?

Plug in your headphones and enjoy this week’s I am enough Meditation and Affirmation. You have to be a subscriber to access the meditation, so jump on the list first. You’ll receive a bonus meditation after confirming.

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You don’t have to feel enough to be enough. Choose to believe that you are more than enough, and let your actions follow suit.

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Heal fully, live freely, and love-boldly,
Jackie Viramontez
Certified Energy Psychology & (ADV) EFT “Tapping” PractioneR

THANK YOU, Sarah Shreves, for the beautiful photography.


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