Launching Your Weekly Dose of Self Care

If self-care feels like a chore, you are going to like my big news! I’ve simplified my Monday blog into digestible 1, 5 & 10-minute chunks.

  • Have 1 minute? Practice the mindfulness challenge.
  • Have 5 minutes? De-stress with a guided tapping script.
  • Have 10 minutes? Plug in your headphones and meditate with me!

Your Weekly Dose of Self-Care

When it comes to gratitude you shouldn’t have to fake it until you make it. In fact, if you fake gratitude about an area of your life that you hate you send mixed signals into the ether. Are you grateful for your massive student loans? No, so please don’t waste energy forcing superficial praises.

Have 1 minute?

Practice this week’s mindfulness challenge: Swap faking it for feeling it. Think of a person or situation that makes it difficult to feel grateful and notice how you actually feel about them. Then, notice what value lies beneath this feeling. Do your student loans make you feel depressed? It’s because you value financial freedom. Do nasty comments on your Instagram feed make you feel insecure? Its because you value being accepted. Feel grateful for these beautiful values.

Beneath every fear is a beautiful value that can ignite gratitude.

Have 5 minutes?

Let off some steam with my favorite self-care tool Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) aka Tapping. Follow along with this week’s script while tapping the seven stress-reducing pressure points, filling in the blanks with your own thoughts and feelings*:


Tap Karate Chop Point: Even though I don’t feel grateful for _______(person/situation/thing), because it actually makes me feel annoyed, stressed and _______(feeling), I accept myself and the way I feel x3
Eyebrow point: Its true, I don’t feel grateful for this
Outer eye: It’s hard to feel grateful for _______ (person/situation/thing)
Under eye: I feel annoyed, stressed and frustrated
Under nose: I feel _______(feeling)
Under lip: Just thinking of this _______ (person/situation/thing)
Collarbone: Why should I feel grateful for this?
Underarm/ribcage: It’s ruining my peace
Top of head: It’s okay to not feel grateful for this!


Once your negative emotions lighten up, follow along with this positive round

Tap Karate Chop Point: Even though I don’t feel 100% grateful for _______(person/situation/this) I choose to feel grateful for who I am and what I actually value x3
Eyebrow point: I still don’t feel 100% grateful for _______ (person/situation/thing)
Outer eye: it’s hard to feel grateful about _______(person/situation/thing)
Under eye: _______(person/situation) reminds me how much I value my freedom, my peace and my sense of self-worth
Under nose: it reminds me that I value _______(other values)
Under lip: I’m grateful for these values
Collarbone: I’m grateful for this reminder
Underarm/ribcage: I’m open to opportunities, people, and situations that actually align with these values
Top of head: I open to feeling more and more authentic gratitude every day

*What the heck is EFT Tapping? Watch the how-to video that aired on The Today Show.

Have 10 minutes?

Plug in your headphones and enjoy A Guided Gratitude Meditation for the people, situations and personal characteristics that are most detestable. You have to be a subscriber to access the meditations, so jump on the list. You’ll receive a bonus meditation after confirming.

Tadah! I hope this makes your weekly self-care routine as easy as brushing your teeth. What I know to be true is that when we heal the inside, the outside heals. If you have questions, comments are suggestions please feel free to reply.

If you have a spirit junkie friend, share it on social media. I love sharing the healing vibes as far as we can!

If you’d enjoy a weekly dose of simple¬†self-care¬†every Monday, get on my list and don’t miss another week.

Heal fully, live freely, and love-boldly,
Jackie Viramontez
Certified Energy Psychology & (ADV) EFT “Tapping” Practioner


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