Should I Trust God Despite Tragedy?

They lost everything. The home. The pets. The art she made.  The books he wrote.

The sky is red. Tens of thousands of acres are burning in a forest fire. My phone is buzzing with evacuation updates. Meanwhile, other people in Houston, California and Mexico City are responding to unrelenting natural disasters.

Is it safe to rest easy despite circumstances? Is it irresponsible to trust that everything will work out okay? Is it in my best interest to trust God in this situation? Or, should I take matters into my own hands?

As mother nature asserts her alpha-status, my tail would rather scamper between my legs.

We live in a conundrum of feeling infinitely powerless and infinitely powerful. We are helpless and equipped. We are isolated and connected. We identify with the victim and the hero at the exact same moment.

We are confused because we are asking the wrong question.

When we peel back the layers of our confusion, we find that beneath “Should I trust god” lurks a deeper question,  “Am I  alone?”

We feel angry when we fight for what we want and don’t get it because we assume we are fighting alone.  We feel sad when we lose what we love because we assume we will have to fill the void alone. We feel overwhelmed by disaster because we feel it is our job to heal the destruction alone.

Let’s peel the layers together:

1. What circumstance are you facing? Maybe you’re facing a financial disaster or a natural disaster. It may be tiny or massive.

2. Ask yourself, am I facing this circumstance alone? How so? Make a case for the resources, people, and community you lack.

3. If (yes) you do feel alone, make a case for the opposite viewpoint. List every tangible and intangible resource available to you. Include people, places, support networks, online resources. Next, to each resource, write one way you can ask them for help this week.  If (no) you don’t feel alone, make the same list anyway.

4. Answer this final question, “If I ask these resources for help, what is possible?”

Is it in my best interest to trust in this situation? If you ask for what you need, you can trust that people will show up to meet those needs.

Natural disaster is a time to embrace our innate neediness, admitting what we do and don’t have and asking for help.

If you feel moved to give to someone who has been massively affected by the fires, and who has played a significant role in my life, please send your support (via finances or prayer) here.meditation blog, weekly meditations, meditation for trusting god, trusting god in unknown

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May we heal full, live freely and love boldly,

Jackie Viramontez

Best Selling Author and Emotional Freedom Practitioner

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