Self Care for the Introverted Overachiever

After last night’s Super Bowl, the introvert me wants to barricade my bedroom door and take a me-day.  Since the overachiever in me would never allow such sloth, I’m currently practicing five habits to regain my balance.

Join me if you dare:

HABIT 1 Don’t Be Afraid To Disappoint People: Look at your planner. Which tasks are on your list because you didn’t want to disapoint someone by saying no. Either cross them off your list immediately, or stick with your plan, but commit to saying no next time even if it disappoints someone.

HABIT 2 Say No: The next time your boss or friend asks you to participate, check your gut. Does saying yes fill your tank, or drain it? Every time you say yes to an invitation out of obligation, guilt, or perfectionism you drain your tank. Even Jesus knew this: “Let your yes mean yes and your no mean no.” Say no when your gut screams no.

HABIT 3 Burden People: Are you working on a project or goal alone that includes small task others could help you with this week? Have you not asked for help because God forbid you burden anyone? You are not a burden! Ask for help. The worst case scenario is that you will burden them with the privilege of collaborating with someone who is not only extremely efficient but appreciative aka a unicorn.

I repeat: You are not a burden. Asking for help gives others the gift of collaboration and appreciation.

HABIT 4 Give Yourself An Hour of Quiet Time: I know that 60 minutes is a waste of productive time but I bet you just had a three hour coffee with that new girl from church because she needed it. You as important as that girl. Grab a journal. Shut your door. Go outside. Mentally purge the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual side effects of life. This hour will make your next 48 hours more productive.

HABIT 5 Introduce Rewards: I started adding rewards to my to-do list last year and it changed my life. Turn your to-do list into a T-chart. For every task add a 1-5 minute reward. If you have 24 tasks on today’s list, add 24 rewards. Here are my faves: Thirty-second breathwork exercise, one-minute dance party,  three-minute yoga break, four minutes of The Tonight Show, five minutes of fetch with my dog.

Self-celebration is a form of self-care and these 1-5 minute breaks to celebrate your hard work will make your to-do’s more heartfelt and effective.

Since self-care maximizes your productivity, these five habits will quell the war that often rages within my introverted and overachieving clients.

Let me know what Y-O-U do to love on your inner introvert, while also staying true to your productive side!

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