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The art of knowing when to break up, when to stay single and when you’ve met the one

An Empathetic Woman’s Guide to Relationships

While you want a relationship that is freeing and fulfilling, you find yourself in the frustrating relationship patterns that create doubt and uncertainty. No matter how many books you’ve read about dating, boundaries, and healing trust, you’ve ended up with the wrong partners. When this happens, you are tempted to beat yourself up. Don’t. The doubt, anger, and regret are showing up for a different reason than what you might think.

A Roadmap to Seven Powerful Emotions

I Can’t Believe I Dated Him is an intelligent woman’s guide to breaking up with the wrong partners and having the courage to celebrate the right ones. Bestselling Author and Clinical EFT Practitioner, Jackie Viramontez, lays out seven steps to turn habitual relationship patterns into an opportunity for transformation. Each chapter will teach you how to embrace the power of your emotions, laugh at your imperfections, and courageously create a healthy relationship with yourself and others. If you want to stop attracting narcissists and start dating a partner with confidence, compassion, and emotional intelligence, you can order today.

Available in bookstores nationwide and online.


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“Beautiful, reassuring, and vulnerable, I Can’t Believe I Dated Him unfolds with the deeper truth of what it means to be in relationship: discovering ourselves through the mirror of others and having the courage to approach what we learn as an opportunity for transformation. This amazing book should be required reading for everyone: single, dating, or married.”

Sue Rasmussen, Author and Coach

In this day and age women don’t really need men, but many women still want companionship and the connection of deep intimacy.  In I Can’t Believe I Dated Him, Jackie expertly and compassionately guides you through a step- by- step approach to turning past relationship pain into opportunities for self-discovery and a chance for lasting joy with the right one.

Alina Frank, EFT Tapping Trainer and bestselling author 

Brilliant!  Jackie is spot on in I Can’t Believe I Dated Him!  Relationships whether pre or post marriage are all about what we learned earlier in life. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is the tool to undo all those hard-wired, neurochemical lessons, allowing us to move forward to become who God wants us to be and to find that soul-mate God has waiting for us.

Sherrie Rice Smith, R.N. EFT Trainer and Author EFT for Christians

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