How to Celebrate the Winter Solstice

Tomorrow is the shortest day of the year!

December 21st at exactly 8:28am PST winter officially begins. The cool aspect of winter is that the Earth actually tips back toward the sun and the days get longer and lighter.

Since winter symbolizes a time when seeds rest beneath the soil collecting nutrients for Spring, it’s nice time to honor the nutrients your personal “seeds” have been collecting throughout the year.

Each solstice, I reserve 5 minutes to honoring what has grown and died in my life this year. In other words:
– Make a list of everything you’ve said YES to in 2017
– Make a list of everything you’ve had the privilege of saying NO to in 2017

Think personal, professional, financial and relational.

Once you make your short or long list, feel gratitude for how both your yes and your no are fueling your growth.

This week’s mindfulness challenge is to say NO often, reserving your YES to what truly fuels Y-O-U!

If you’d like to take mindfulness to the next level, enjoy this free Winter Solstice Meditation.

winter solstice meditation

Every week I gift my subscribers with a free meditation, but this week I thought I’d share it with all. If you’d enjoy a free meditation each week, join my subscribers here. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Much love you winter bunnies you!


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